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Building blocks and blockchain: preparing kids for the technology of tomorrow -- How one tech-savvy parent brought the lessons of a token economy home Entrepreneur, Professor at Singularity University This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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Short Biography

Kent is a leader and technology visionary with a deep technology background. Kent is six years faculty in AI, ExO, Data Science, & Blockchain for Singularity University. He coaches organizations to powerful real-world results with these technologies. Kent co-founded the blockchain-based ExO Economy; the global transformation Economy.

Kent's Massive Transformative Purpose is to Empower People with Technology.

Kent works on projects that educate, feed, clothe, and empower people. He is a co-Founder of OpenExO Inc., faculty at Singularity University in Data Science, AI, Blockchain, and Exponential Organizations. More...

Long Biography

Kent’s personal massive transformative purpose is to Empower People with Technology. He is an entrepreneur, sought after speaker, teacher, mentor and advisor working with a diverse global team of partners.

Kent created Data Activation as a Service, a way for organizations to leverage the tranformative power of data to create innovative data-driven products and services. He is faculty at Singularity University, and is the Chief Science Officer of OpenExO Inc, a public benefit corporation. He helped found the Fastrack Institute, a global 501(c)3 private foundation helping cities harness the power of exponential technology for their citizens. Kent also teaches the live online ExO Master Course.

Kent is a deep technologist and builder of distributed systems. From complex large scale web applications to live stream based analytics solutions, Kent has been building such systems from the ground up at scale for over 15 years. He's a recognized thought leader in cloud computing, distributed systems, technology operations, and data science enablement for organizations.

Kent's keynote talks have been requested by some of the most successful public, private, and academic institutions in the world. He has spoken in Asia, South America, The United States from Silicon Valley to New York. He has addressed crowds from 10 to 10,000 people including live simulcasting of events. The talks have been delivered to a diverse audience from boards, F50 Global organizations, and students. Audiences and clients have included TEDxMarin, the Nebraska Cooperative Council, LG, IMS/InPeople, OpenExO, Petrobras, Asimetrix, The Fastrack Institute, Ahold-Delhaize, YPO, Coca-Cola, Sodexo, AGUIABRANCA, Leonisa, Autodesk, Dell, Premex, APEX Leaders, Singularity University, Zignal Labs, Revinate, CA Lottery, nScaled.

Introduction Summary

Kent is a hands-on leader and technology visionary with extensive business experience and deep technology background.

Additional Speaker Introduction Bullet Points

  • Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits.

  • Co-Founder, Fluid Chains Blockchain Accelerator

  • Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder of OpenExO Inc.

  • Faculty at Singularity University Data Science, AI, Blockchain, Exponential Organizations, & Blockchain

  • Founders Advisor, Mentor, Facilitator, and Coach to impactful startups and F50 companies

  • A recognized and pioneering expert in Cloud Computing, Data Science & Operations, Technology Operations, Blockchain, and Related areas

  • Decades of experience building scalable software and companies with a focus on stream based analytics