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SingularityU Chile Summit 2019

Keynote session. Further details to be announced!

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Singularity University Chile is one of the plenary SU Country Summits. It is a two-day executive program that is held on five continents. This event has been held in Chile since 2016.

The summit mobilizes world-class conversation about exponential technologies by bringing local and global thought leaders with the goal to accelerate positive changes and economic growth in their own countries and the world.

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to Jun 19

Ernst & Young | Keynote | Disruptive Innovation Program

With gratitude, I was invited to speak at an incredible program designed by Ernst & Young to their assembled teams from around the world.

My portion of this was on Blockchain. Specifically, blockchain based economies. We discussed the power that blockchain provides to develop scalable economies with tokenized digital and intangible assets and, specifically, what this means to the people and organizations that make up those economies.

It was an awesome day! I learned tons from the other speakers and the attendees. I look forward to seeing how they move forwards.

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12:30 PM12:30

YPO Panama - Exponential Transformation Event

Last week Kent Langley, CSO at OpenExOCesar Castro, CEO at EscalateGroup and Juan Carlos Fouz, CEO at WiderPool and CIONET Iberoamérica were invited by @YPO Panama to speak about Exponential Transformation. A great learning and networking day organized by YPO Latin America Region, Digital Marketing & Media Network and the Technology Network. #openExO #YPO

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1:00 AM01:00

Telia - Private Broadcast Presentation - Sweden


Artificial Intelligence


Executives and Board Members


A live talk on A.I. in Stockholm, Sweden. But, I wasn't physically there! I was in my virtual studio in San Rafael, CA that I built for this sort of thing.

A shout out to Kris Østergaard and SingularityU Nordic ! It's great work they are doing.

I won't have live video of this one to share because it was a private event. But, I did one like this recently in Dubai. You can view that demo reel here. It was also a private event.


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Telia - Opportunity For Becoming a Data Company In The Future
11:00 AM11:00

Telia - Opportunity For Becoming a Data Company In The Future

This was a combination of a keynote talk on becoming a data company in the future that extended into a 3/4 day workshop.

It was delivered in partnership with my friends from SU Nordic in Stockholm Sweden using their SciFi Workshop.

During the keynote, I went over:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain

  • DataScience/IoT

  • Convergence & Opportunities

The follow on Q&A session was fantastic as was the workshopping.

The Telia team was deeply engaged all day and they are very forward looking. I anticipate great things from them in the coming quarters and years.

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3:00 PM15:00

Two Talks - Nebraska Cooperative Council

Blockchain - Impact, Transformation, and Disruption in the context of agriculture

Exponential Organizations - Impact of Exponential Organizational thinking.

two talks and many discussions focused on Transformation, Disruption, Blockchain, and Exponential Organizations #openexo

The council's mission is, "To defend, protect, and enhance the agricultural cooperative movement through pro-active programs in education, legislation, government affairs, communication, and regulatory issues." https://www.nebr.coop/ 

We'll be thinking about ways to apply transformative technologies and exponential organizations models. I look forward to learning from and sharing with the council members. It will be a fun day. #exponentialtransformation #exponentialorganizations #exospeakers

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6:30 PM18:30

Token Economies and Blockchains for MedTech Frontiers @ Triple Ring

This talk was given via telepresence to a mixed group of business executives who wanted to understand the blockchain and it's potential impact. The talk had case studies on live networks built by Kent, an overview of the technology and why it is important, what to do next to master blockchain and data; all blockchains are data.

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12:00 PM12:00

AARP IT In Service


AARP is brining together their top IT Executives and team members to explore expoential technologies, its impact, and how to respond.


Exponential Technology, Data Activation, Blockchain, Frameworks, and more. This talk is designed to assist the shift in mindset needed to inspire meanful and transformative action.

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8:00 AM08:00

Driving IT 2018 by the Danish Engineering Society


The 5th Annual event about the wild and ubiquitous IT realities today. "Driving IT 2018" will be a fantastic experience with 4 tracks, 40 speakers and at least 400 participants.


From idea to genesis to day to day operations, what does it REALLY takes to deploy and operate a standalone, private, permissionless blockchain from scratch to tokenize an ecosystem of people, organizations, and institutions? This talk will explore the surprising answers to that question.

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TEDxMarin 2018
6:00 PM18:00

TEDxMarin 2018

I will be speaking to a sold out TEDx crowd this Saturday!

In quelling a parent/sibling rivalry, the principles of a token economy played out in one family’s home, bringing a wry insight to why blockchain technologies may be the NEXT BIG THING.

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10:30 AM10:30

LG Academy for LG

As SU Faculty I will be presenting to top LG Executives from a variety of their businesses. This will be the second cohort of students from LG South Korea. This talk is part of the SU Exponential Leadership program series. I will be presenting on AI enablement in organizations.

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9:00 AM09:00

Petrobras - Private Event

Kent delivered two of his primary lectures to the top 60 executives of this multi billion dollar energy, oil, and gas company. He will help them understand the current landscape of AI and Data Science. He provided them with practical and actionable tools to activate the data they have and deploy machine learned models and AI at scale.

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